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Biomarker Metabolomics Analysis

Biomarkers are signaling indicators of abnormal changes at the molecular cellular individual or population level in response to environmental influences prior to serious damage to an organism. Biomarkers are commonly used to characterize disease status (whether a disease/subtype is present), drug sensitivity, and physiological status monitoring. Biomarker assays provide an important reference for the prevention, treatment and prognosis of harmful biological effects, not only for individual health monitoring, but also for group health assessment.

Creative Proteomics offers biomarker assays based on metabolomic technologies to support your basic disease research and drug development, or to develop and validate assays to suit your specific requirements.

The Process for Biomarker Assay

Biomarker Metabolomics Analysis

The establishment of metabolic profiles requires qualitative detection of metabolites with statistically significant differences. For example, chromatography-mass spectrometry is used to establish metabolic profiles of biological samples such as blood, urine or saliva from people with different levels of exposure to external factors or diseases to obtain specific metabolites. The specific metabolites obtained by different chromatographic methods are screened against the corresponding mass spectrometry libraries. The screened specific metabolites are compared with the standards using secondary mass spectrometry experiments so that the specific metabolites can be confirmed.

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