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Metabolomics in Environmental Science

Metabolomics is studied through the use of metabolites, enzymes, isolation tools, and metabolite analysis and labeling. The most common metabolic profiling techniques are targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis. Targeted metabolomics analysis is the quantification of specific known metabolites in a sample, usually in well-defined pathways or groups of related compounds. In contrast, untargeted metabolomics analysis provides an overall metabolic profile of a given sample for both known and unknown metabolites. Metabolic fingerprinting is a rapid, holistic analysis of metabolites in a given sample and is not intended to be a specialized identification of each metabolite.

Environmental metabolomics is commonly used to analyze the metabolites of organisms such as plants, aquatic animals and other invertebrates when exposed to various types of external stressors. Creative Proteomics provides metabolomics solutions to accelerate scientific discovery.

Metabolomics in Environmental Science

Solutions for
Environmental Science

Ecological Metabolomics Solutions

To study the altered metabolic levels of organisms caused by various biotic and abiotic factors in ecosystems in order to analyze functions and complex interactions and to develop insights into biological evolution and ecosystems.


Ecotoxicology Metabolomics Solutions

To study the metabolic level changes caused by chemicals, crop protection agents and pesticides or other toxic and harmful factors, especially environmental pollutants, to non-human organisms (animals, plants, microorganisms) and their ecosystems, so as to carry out hazard avoidance and protection and protect the ecological environment.


Environmental Toxicology Metabolomics Solutions

To study the possible biological effects of environmental pollutants on the body, the mechanism of action and the detection index of early damage, so as to provide scientific basis for the establishment of environmental health standards and environmental protection work.


Exposomics Service

To study how the human metabolome is altered by various environmental exposures and how these exposures actually affect humans or potentially influence the onset of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and other chronic diseases.


Soil Metabolomics Service

To study the changes in organic matter and soil microbial metabolic content and interactions in soils. To analyze the functional characteristics of soil microbial carbon metabolism and understand the microbial diversity and its carbon metabolism capacity to provide an important reference for exploring the regulation, control and improvement of soil environmental quality.


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