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Flavonoids Analysis Service

Flavonoids Analysis Service

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Flavonoids are widely studied in the fields of biomedicine, food hygiene, and cosmetics. To assist in the development of related research, Creative Proteomics has established a dedicated flavonoid analysis platform to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of flavonoids using our professional expertise and advanced technology platform.


Flavonoids are a class of plant secondary metabolites with the structure of 2-phenyl-chromones, which are widely found in the plant kingdom. They are usually combined with sugars in plants to form glycosides in the form of ligands, and to a lesser extent in the form of free sapogenins. Flavonoids not only play an important role in the growth and development of plants, but also have pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, antioxidant free radical, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, anticancer, anti-aging, anti-cardiovascular disease, anti-radiation, hepatoprotective and treatment of osteoporosis.

To promote flavonoid research in the synthesis of new biological drugs and medical applications, Creative Proteomics has established a flavonoid analysis platform that enables efficient and accurate identification and detection of flavonoid content changes using the UHPLC-Q-Exactive MS analytical instrument. We assist in exploring novel flavonoids, clarifying their anti-disease mechanisms, and facilitating research related to enhancing their bioactivity and utilization through structural modifications. Optimized extraction and purification techniques can be used to clarify the conformational relationships by various methods and facilitate the optimization of flavonoid production processes.

We Can Provide Analysis for The Following Substances, Including but Not Limited to

FlavonesApigenin, Lignanin, Luteolin, Baicalin, Baicalein, Tangeritin
FlavonolPrunetin, Isorhamnetin, Hammaritin, Kaempferol, Quercetin, Myricetin, Fisetin
Flavanone (Dihydroflavone)Hypericin, Hesperidin, Eriodictyol, Naringenin
Flavanonol (Dihydroflavonol)Dihydrokaempferol, Taxifolin, Sangenone C/D
IsoflavoneGenistein, Puerarin, Soy isoflavones, Glycitein, Daidzein
Isoflavanone (Dihydroisoflavone)
ChalconeCrocin, Sophoradin
AnthocyanidinCyanidin, Delphindin, Pelargonidin, Malvin, Peonidin, Petunidin
FlavanolsCatechins, Epicatechin, Gallocatechin
BiflavoneGinkgetin, Bilobetin

Service Workflow


Sample Requirements

  • Serum / plasma ≥ 100 ul/sample
  • Animal tissue: ≥ 50 mg/sample
  • Urine: ≥ 100 ul/sample
  • Feces: ≥ 50 mg/sample
  • Saliva: ≥ 100 ul /sample
  • Plant samples: ≥ 200 mg
  • Cells: 1x107/sample

We can also provide other sample types for analysis. Please contact our technicians for specific sample types and content requirements.

Report Delivery

  • Experimental procedure
  • Parameters of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry
  • MS raw data files and MS data quality checks
  • Flavonoid quantification data
  • Custom analysis report

Creative Proteomics offers several approaches to provide flavonoids analysis service and deliver precise and detailed data and analysis report. If you want to detect other compounds, you can tell us through the inquiry form, and our technicians will communicate with you.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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