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The proteome is able to directly reflect the information about the proteins that finally function in the organism in response to environmental changes. The metabolome studies the closest phenotypic phase of the biological dynamic regulatory system. When changes in metabolite levels are found, it is sought whether the expression of enzyme proteins upstream of its metabolic pathway also changes accordingly. On the one hand, it is possible to verify from both histologies mutually that the metabolic pathway is indeed altered, and on the other hand, it is easier to find out the reasons for the changes in metabolites and to explain the molecular mechanisms of growth and development, physiological states, and pathological responses of organisms.

The combined 4D-DIA proteomic and metabolomic GC-MS & LC-MS technologies can better improve the comprehensiveness and accuracy of information from multiple dimensions, and mine more and more precise information, which can produce more valuable results for subsequent in-depth research and application.

Creative Proteomics provides leading 4D proteomics characterization and quantification services, in-depth modified proteomics analysis, targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis of multiple samples, combined with customizable bioinformatics methods to provide a systematic and comprehensive understanding of biomolecular functions and regulatory mechanisms. We have Bruker (timsTOF Pro2), Thermo Fisher (Exploris 480, HF-X, Fusion Lumos) to provide high quality histological data.

Analytical Projects

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4D Proteomics4D-DIA, 4D-LFQ, 4D-ITRAQ/TMT, and 4D-PRM4D-Proteomics™ adds a fourth dimension, ion mobility, to the three dimensions of 3D separation: retention time, mass-to-charge ratio (m/z), and ion intensity. The near-100% ion utilization rate dramatically improves the scanning speed and detection sensitivity, bringing a comprehensive improvement in the performance of proteomics in terms of identification depth, detection cycle, and quantitative accuracy.
MetabolomicsGC-MS and LC-MSGC-MS is biased toward the detection of amino acids, organic acids, small molecule sugars, and volatile substances, and can characterize more than 200 metabolites.
The LC-MS platform can detect several thousand or even tens of thousands of substance peaks, with more than 1000 substances with qualitative information, favoring the detection of lipids, bile acids, flavonoids and phenols, some amino acids, sugars and other substances.

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4D-Proteome and Metabolome Analysis

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