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About carotenoids

Carotenoids are the general term for a class of important natural pigments, which are commonly found in animals, higher plants, fungi, and algae. There are many kinds of them, about 700 kinds have been discovered. It is generally composed of 8 isoprenoid units, represented by the chemical formula C40H56, and has a long central chain of 11 conjugated double bonds in the E (trans) configuration.

The leaves, flowers, fruits and roots of plants are rich in carotenoids and appear yellow, orange-red or red.

Carotenoids can not only help chlorophyll receive light energy, but also dissipate excess energy through the lutein cycle, under high temperature and strong light in the photosynthesis of chloroplasts.

Carotenoids are also the precursors of vitamin A, which have the functions of anti-oxidation, immune regulation, anti-cancer, delaying aging, and preventing night childbirth.

Molecular structure of Beta-caroteneMolecular structure of β-carotene

The biosynthetic pathway of carotenoids is as follows:

Acetyl CoA → isomethyl pyrophosphate (C5) → geranyl pyrophosphate (C20) → colorless carotenoids [phy-toene], etc.

Applications of targeted metabolomics of carotenoids

  • Study on the molecular mechanism of the color appearance of vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • Study on the nutritional quality of fruits
  • Research on anti-aging and antioxidant of plants, research on natural antioxidants
  • Study on the regulation of carotenoid synthesis

Creative Proteomics has established a carotenoids analysis method based on the LC-MS/MS platform external standard + isotope internal standard, which can detect 10 carotenes. This method has low throughput, qualitative accuracy and can complete the absolute quantification of metabolites. Creative Proteomics can provide technical services for the entire process from sample extraction to presentation of results report.

Detectable carotenoids

CarotenoidsChemical formulaCAS number

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Technical route

Carotenoids Analysis Service

Technical features

  • Instrumentation - ABSciexQTRAP®6500LC-MS/MS
  • Ion source - APCI
  • Detection mode - MRM
  • Detection accuracy - pmol
  • Linear - R2 > 0.99

Project cycle

About 1-4 weeks

Technical advantages

  • Qualitatively accurate.

Check the secondary spectra of sample materials and of standard products one by one.

  • Quantitatively accurate.

Choose the best ion pair to ensure accurate quantification of the substance.

  • High sensitivity.

Based on advanced mass spectrometry platform to ensure high sensitivity.

Creative Proteomics has leading technology, first-class R&D and production equipment, and has established a complete Plant targeted metabolomics service system, making the upstream and downstream experiments seamlessly connected. You can also perform personalized customization services at the data analysis stage. It also has high-quality after-sales service to help you analyze the project's final report and help you answer your doubts. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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