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Individual differences often influence the in vivo behavior of drugs and therefore can affect the in vivo level of the drug, making it ineffective or producing toxic side effects. The relationship between drugs and the organism is one of interaction and mutual influence. The drug acts on the body to produce the corresponding pharmacological and pharmacodynamic response. The body acts on the drug and affects the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion processes in the body. Due to the differences in baseline levels of endogenous components and biochemical status of the body, there are great inter-individual differences in the in vivo metabolism and disposition of endogenous drugs in different individuals.

Pharmacometabolomics uses metabolomics as a platform to predict drug response phenotypes after drug administration by metabolic phenotyping of biological samples prior to drug administration. The information contained in the metabolites of individual biological samples prior to drug administration is used to predict individual differences in metabolism and toxic response to drugs. Pharmacometabolomics provides a comprehensive picture of the biochemical status and functional reserve/stress potential of an individual/biological system, and information on the organism's responsiveness to drugs and the drug disposition process is obtained from the basal metabolic profile.

Creative Proteomics provides pharmacometabolomics solutions that leverage metabolomics technologies to help enable research ranging from screening and identification of disease/efficacy/toxicity biomarkers to advancement in predicting the body's response to drugs.

Application of Pharmacometabolomics Services

  • Drug toxicity analysis: The response caused by a drug to an individual can be predicted by the metabolite phenotype prior to administration. The use of drug metabolomics can provide data to support the selection of clinical drug classes and dose determination to minimize or avoid toxic side effects of drugs.
  • Pharmacodynamic analysis: Analysis of metabolic phenotypes and metabolites before and after drug administration for drug efficacy analysis.
  • Pharmacokinetic property analysis: Prediction of pharmacokinetic parameters and identification of endogenous metabolic markers characterizing the metabolic enzymatic activity of drugs.

Drug Metabolism Analysis Technology Platform

The research process of drug metabolomics can be broadly summarized into 3 parts: pre-drug metabolomic analysis, post-drug pharmacological analysis and statistical modeling analysis.

The general process of pre-drug metabolomic analysis includes: sample collection, sample pre-treatment, metabolite detection, data pre-processing, multivariate statistical analysis, metabolite screening and identification, and biological interpretation.

Pharmacometabolomics Services

  • Post-dosing pharmacological studies can be broadly divided into toxicological analysis, pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacodynamic analysis, etc.
  • Statistical modeling analysis: Screening potential biomarkers from massive baseline metabolic profile data that can predict differences in drug behaviour in vivo after drug administration, and deeply mining their biochemical significance through corresponding biological network science analysis to guide clinical individualized drug use.

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