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Transcriptome sequencing can yield a large number of differentially expressed genes and regulatory metabolic pathways. The association between genes and phenotypes is not clear, resulting in critical signaling pathways that are difficult to identify and may not achieve the desired research objectives. The metabolome can reflect and amplify changes in the transcriptome.

Creative Proteomics targets specific physiological, pathological, growth and developmental phenotypes, and integrates the analysis of numerous genes expressed temporally with differentially accumulated metabolite information through a joint metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis research approach.

Our platform can detect the overall transcript level of any species at the single nucleotide level mainly through the transcriptome sequencing service of Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Metabolomics analysis services based on GC-MS, LC-MS, NMR and other technical tools enable targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis of a wide range of samples. Combined with customized molecular biology techniques, we can explain the biological phenotypes of interest at the molecular level and explore the mechanisms of organism growth and development and physiopathological responses. Combining metabolomics and transcriptomics data through the KEGG metabolic pathway to find genes and metabolites involved in significant changes in the same biological process allows rapid targeting of key genes.

Analysis Projects for
Integrative Metabolome and Transcriptome

Correlation analysis between different genesDifferential gene fpkm values
Correlation analysis results of differential genes
Correlation analysis filtering and heat map analysis
Correlation analysis between different metabolitesDifferential metabolite screening
Significantly different gene and metabolite pathway analysis
Correlation analysis of differential gene-differential metabolitesCorrelation analysis and screening of differential genes and differential metabolites
Heat map analysis
Network diagram analysis

Technology Roadmap for
Integrative Metabolome and Transcriptome

Technology Roadmap for Integrative Metabolome and Transcriptome

Sample Submission

Transcriptome Sequencing SamplesMetabolome Analysis Samples
Sample TypeCells, tissues, whole blood, total RNA, etc.Cells, tissues, urine, whole blood, serum, plasma, etc.
Sample SizeRecommended total RNA starting volume:2 μg, minimum 1 μg, concentration ≥ 50 ng/μLRecommended starting volume (single):
  • Plasma or serum > 300 μL
  • Urine > 5 mL
  • Tissue > 100 mg
  • Cells > 107

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