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Untargeted metabolomics services are mainly for comprehensive biochemical information of metabolism in organisms. Based on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry technology (LC-MS), qualitative and quantitative analysis of almost all metabolites under certain physiological conditions or under specific conditions are carried out to find and identify different metabolites. Our untargeted metabolome analysis platform can accurately and rapidly analyze the small molecule metabolites covering more than 95% pathway in various biological samples (blood, urine, tissue, saliva, amniotic fluid, cells and cell fluid, etc.) and plant samples. Untargeted metabolomics, to the greatest extent, reflects the multiple dynamic responses of living organisms to external stimuli, pathophysiological changes and their own gene mutations in metabolite levels in vivo, providing a new perspective for disease diagnosis, pathological research, new drug development, drug toxicology and other studies.

Our technology platform can serve multiple industries, including biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and other fields.

What we can provide: 

  • Metabolic profile analysis
  • Screening for differential metabolites
  • Metabolic pathway analysis of differential metabolites
  • Discover new biomarkers


Creative Proteomics uses an advanced LC-MS/MS system for untargeted metabolomics analysis services.

  • UHPLC-QTOF-MS (Agilent 1290)

Workflow for untargeted metabolomics serviceWorkflow for untargeted metabolomics service

Sample Preparation

  • Animal tissues: ≥ 200 mg
  • Cell samples: Collect cell pellets, rinse with PBS 3 times to remove residual serum. The sample volume is 1×107 or the cell pellet is not less than 50 μl.
  • Cellular supernatant: ≥ 1mL
  • Plasma/serum sample: fresh blood is taken out, anticoagulated or coagulated, centrifuged at 4°C, and the supernatant is taken to obtain plasma/serum. During the preparation process, ensure that hemolysis is not allowed, and the recommended sample volume should not be less than 250 μl.
  • Urine: ≥ 1ml
  • Saliva: ≥ 0.5ml
  • Follicular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic fluid, etc.: ≥ 200 μL
  • Viruses, bacteria or fungi: wet precipitate weight ≥ 200 mg
  • Stool and intestinal contents ≥ 200 mg
  • Plant tissues: ≥200 mg
  • Plant seeds: ≥100 mg

Please contact us for other special samples.

Data Analysis of Untargeted Metabolomics

  • Quality control: QC sample results including TIC and PCA results
  • Quantification and characterization results of differential metabolites
  • Univariate analysis: T test and/or ANOVA analysis of all identified metabolites
  • Multivariate analysis: PCA, PLS-DA, OPLS-DA of all identified metabolites
  • Functional analysis: Differential metabolite cluster analysis; Differential metabolite KEGG and KEGG enrichment analysis; Metabolite difference correlation analysis
  • Biomarker ROC analysis

Creative Proteomics offers several approaches to provide untargeted metabolomics service and deliver precise and detailed data and analysis report. We can also customize methods or establish new methods together with our collaborators to meet the specific needs of any project. If you have any questions, you can tell us through the inquiry form, and our technicians will communicate with you.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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