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Natural isoflavone compounds are widely found in the plant kingdom and are the effective ingredients of many herbal medicines. They have the effects of estrogen-like, anti-tumor, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, bone metabolism, neuroprotection and improvement of cognition. Some natural isoflavones have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Isoflavones are widely used in medicine for cardiovascular, tumor, endocrine, etc., as well as health functional foods for freckle beauty and anti-aging. Due to its higher resolution and sensitivity, UPLC-MS/MS is increasingly used in drug analysis, which is beneficial to the determination of multi-index components and provides qualitative and quantitative means for the selection of rational quality control indicators. UPLC-MS/MS has the advantages of simple operation and high accuracy, which can be used for the quality control of isoflavones and provide guidance information for the development and utilization of natural isoflavones.

Differentially accumulated isoflavonoids in GmMYB176-Si and GmMYB176-OE hairy roots compared to controls.Figure 1. Differentially accumulated isoflavonoids in GmMYB176-Si and GmMYB176-OE hairy roots compared to controls. (Anguraj 2019)

Applications of Isoflavonoids Analysis

  • Quantitative analysis of isoflavones
  • Quality control of health functional food
  • Development of medicinal value and evaluation of efficacy
  • Clarify the mechanism of isoflavone biological activity

Advantages of Our Isoflavonoids Analysis Service

  • UPLC-MS/MS Highly Sensitive Determination of Isoflavones
  • Meet the needs of low-content and multi-type sample testing
  • Short analysis period and competitive price
  • Provide comprehensive solutions and high-quality analysis reports

Service Workflow

No derivatization is required for sample processing in our operating technical process, which can reduce human error of the sample to be tested. UPLC-MS/MS can achieve high-efficiency separation of samples and a good recovery rate. The cycle of analyzing the samples to be tested is short, which can meet the needs of high-throughput determination of isoflavone samples.

Isoflavonoids analysis service workflow.Figure 2. Isoflavonoids analysis service workflow.

Detection method: UPLC-MS/MS

Mobile phase: acetonitrile-water (containing 0.1% formic acid)

Elution method: gradient elution

Volume flow: 0.25ml/min

Average sample recovery rate: 97.53%-104.30%

Injection volume: 2ul

Detection wavelength: 276nm

Reaction mode: positive ion multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode

Analysis content:

  • Standard curve drawing
  • Selection of chromatographic and mass spectrometry conditions
  • Screening of mobile phase and detection wavelength
  • Precision and stability investigation
  • Sample recovery test and repeatability test
  • Chromatogram and mass spectrum raw image and data collection
  • Quantitative analysis of isoflavones and their derivatives

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Sample Requirements

1. Tissues such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers, fruit pulp, peel tissue, etc., larger leaves need to be quickly cut into pieces with scissors, and the separated samples are quickly washed with sterilized water, and the absorbent paper is immediately put into the liquid after absorbing the excess water. Quickly freeze in nitrogen for more than 2 minutes, and then transfer to -80°C for storage to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

2. For each sample, take no less than 3 g for fresh samples, no less than 1 g for dry samples. At least three biological replicates in each group, prepare a backup. The measured sample will not be returned, please keep a backup.


  • Detailed experimental protocol
  • Sample pretreatment and purification analysis
  • UPLC-MS/MS chromatogram and data analysis report
  • Quantitative analysis of isoflavones and their derivatives
  • Customized analysis report

UPLC-MS/MS can realize the high-efficiency determination of isoflavone compounds, meet the actual determination of multiple types of isoflavone samples, and has a short analysis cycle and simplified operation process. Creative Proteomics has a first-class UPLC-MS/MS measurement platform and experienced analysis engineers, which can meet your needs for customized one-stop service.


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