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Creative Proteomics is a trusted partner in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture and nutrition industries, providing technical solutions in 50 countries.

Creative Proteomics has deep industry and business process expertise, global resources, and a good reputation in providing contract services specialized for metabolomics. We aim to provide high-quality, personalized services and reliable data to support our global customers. Our professional bioinformatics team provides a broader perspective, supporting data interpretation that enables our clients to understand biological issues in-depth and promote the development of science that makes a difference in people's lives.

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With our professional knowledge, we can quickly provide customers with customized solutions.

Help customers solve scientific questions, provide insights, accelerate discovery, and promote project progress.

Under the guidance of our core value framework, we are eager to create value for all stakeholders and promote the development of life sciences.

Key Services

Target Metabolomics Service
Untarget Metabolomics Service
Microbial Metabolomics Service
Animal Metabolomics Service

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