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Metabolomics in Veterinary and Animal Health

Metabolomics has good prospects for development and application in veterinary and animal health research due to the advantages of easy detection, fewer metabolite species, and more versatile technology. Creative Proteomics offers a range of metabolomics solutions that provide rapid and efficient quantitative phenotyping to accelerate scientific discovery.

Metabolomics in Veterinary and Animal Health

Solutions for
Veterinary and Animal Health

Our metabolomics solutions in veterinary and animal health research can be applied to:

  • Discovery of biomarkers for basic disease research and treatment, and discovery and validation of targets

Metabolism is a fundamental characteristic of life. Pathological changes in the organism will inevitably lead to some corresponding changes in metabolites as well. Data collection and analysis of metabolite changes to find biomarkers of diseases can help clinical diagnosis and typing of diseases. The analysis of metabolite changes caused by diseases can help people better understand the pathological process and the metabolic pathways of substances in the organism, discover biomarkers of diseases and assist in diagnosing diseases.

  • Toxicity evaluation of drugs

To compare interspecies metabolite group differences and the effects of toxicity on metabolite patterns. To identify potential relationships between metabolic changes and pathological states through metabolic fingerprinting and to understand the response of biological systems to changes in environmental and genetic factors.

  • Veterinary drug research

Metabolomics studies can provide some guidance in the selection of new veterinary drugs, drug toxicity evaluation, and adverse reaction monitoring.

  • Animal nutrition research

Study of the interrelationship between nutrition and the organism. Evaluation of the effect of feed nutrition on the animal organism. Study of the interaction of the animal digestive tract flora with the host.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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