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Carbohydrates can be classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Carbohydrate metabolism refers to a complex series of chemical reactions such as glucose (Glc) or glycogen (Gn) in vivo. The main carbohydrate metabolic pathways in vivo include anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic oxidation of glucose, pentose phosphate pathway, glyoxylate pathway, polyol pathway, glycogen synthesis and glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis and other hexose metabolism.

Creative Proteomics' targeted metabolomics services target specific metabolites and pathways of interest, which can accurately monitor dynamic metabolic processes, reveal related metabolic mechanisms and verify potential metabolic biomarkers, to guide your research with reliable and accurate measurement results. We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of carbohydrates and carbohydrate metabolic pathways based on LC-MS/MS technology.

What We Can Provide

List of sugar analysis services

CategoriesDetectable compounds
MonosaccharidesGlucose, Fructose, Ribose, Rhamnose, Arabinose, Xylose, Xylose, Galactose, Mannose, Aminogalactose, Aminoglucose, Glucuronic acid, Galacturonic acid
DisaccharidesSucrose, Lactose, Maltose, Fucose, Cellobiose
OligosaccharidesRaffinose, Stachyose
PolysaccharidesStarch, Glycogen, Cellulose

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Technical Route of Targeted Metabolomics of Carbohydrate Metabolism Related Products

Technical Route of Targeted Metabolomics of Carbohydrate Metabolism Related Products

Analysis Content

  • Substance standard curve preparation
  • Raw data preprocessing
  • Absolute quantification

Sample Requirements

Serum, plasma, urine, bile, bile acids.

Animal tissues such as cells, liver, brain tissue and feces.

Plants, yeast, microorganisms, etc.

Application Field

  • Agriculture and forestry field: research on stress resistance mechanism, growth and development mechanism, breeding protection, etc.
  • Animal husbandry: research on meat and milk quality, research on pathogenic mechanism, etc.
  • Basic medicine & clinical diagnosis: biomarkers, disease mechanism, disease classification, personalized treatment, etc.
  • Biomedicine: drug action mechanism, drug efficacy evaluation, drug development, etc.
  • Microbiology field: pathogenic mechanism, drug resistance mechanism, pathogen-host interaction research, etc.
  • Marine aquatic products: fishery resources, mariculture, fishery environment and aquatic product safety, etc.
  • Bioenergy & environmental sciences: fermentation process optimization, biofuel production, environmental hazard risk assessment research, etc.
  • Food nutrition: optimization of food storage and processing conditions, food composition and quality identification, functional food development, food safety supervision and testing, etc.

Service Process

Carbohydrate Metabolism Related Products

Creative Proteomics provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of carbohydrates and carbohydrate metabolic pathway related substances. Based on an advanced analytical platform, we provide you with accurate and detailed data and analytical reports. If you would like to detect other metabolites, or learn more, please contact us.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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