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Starch is a polymeric carbohydrate consisting of a large number of glucose units connected by glycosidic bonds. Similarly, sucrose is a kind of carbohydrate and composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose. Basically, the starch and sucrose metabolism begin with D-fructose that interacts with a D-glucose in a reversible reaction through a maltodextrin glucosidase. By multiple procedures, the metabolism of starch and sucrose produce several important intermediates like glucose-6-phosphate and fructose-6-phosphate, which interact with other metabolic pathways including glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. It would not be surprising that the aberrant starch and sucrose metabolism is closely associated with several human diseases including familial tumoral calcinosis and trehalase deficiency. The metabolism of starch and sucrose provides a powerful way to diagnosis and gain new insights in disease mechanism or treatment. With integrated array of separation, characterization, identification and quantification experience, Creative Proteomics provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective the starch and sucrose metabolism analysis service for your various scientific purposes.

The Main Applications of Starch and Sucrose Metabolism Service

Biomarker discovery

Disease diagnostics

Drug discovery

Food safety

Metabolic disease research

Advantages of Our Starch and Sucrose Metabolism Service

Rich experience in different types of animal sample preparation

State of art facilities

Professional experiment design and data analysis

Competitive price

Short turnaround time

High accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity

Service Workflow

The starch and sucrose metabolism service provided by Creative Proteomics is based on our cutting-edge chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry platforms. The experimental workflow involves 4 steps: sample collection, metabolites extraction, HPLC data analysis and bioinformatics analysis (Figure 1). Our service will be tailored to specific samples and needs for optimal results.

Starch and sucrose metabolism.pngFigure 1. The overall workflow of TCA cycle metabolism service.

List of Detectable Starch and Sucrose Metabolism at Creative Proteomics
GlycogenUridine diphosphate glucoseUridine-5-diphosphate

Sample Requirements

We can analyze any biological materials including but not limited to cells and tissues. If you need transport your samples to us, please follow the below requirements for different types of samples:

  • Blood/plasma: 500ul/sample
  • Urine: 1ml/sample
  • Tissue: 200mg/sample
  • Cells: 1x107/sample
  • Feces: 500mg/sample

Shipment condition: dry ice

Report Delivery

  • Experimental procedures
  • Instrument parameters
  • HPLC and MS raw data files
  • Compound quantification results
  • Bioinformatics analysis report (PCA, KEGG, etc.)

Creative Proteomics has advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation and a team of bioinformatic analysts to provide customized targeted compound analysis services. If you need to analyse additional compounds, please contact us.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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