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Metabolomics in Drug Development


Metabolomics in Drug Development

Metabolomics evaluates the effects and analyzes the mechanisms by which biological rest is affected by exogenous stimuli by quantifying changes in endogenous metabolites in biological systems.

Metabolomics has great potential for drug discovery and development, including the identification of new targets, elucidation of new drug mechanisms of action, and characterization of safety and efficacy profiles. Metabolomics focuses on small molecules and allows for better understanding of drug candidate actions and target selection.

Creative Proteomics is a well-established partner in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical research and has extensive experience in metabolomic analysis. We offer a range of metabolomics solutions for drug development to help pharmaceutical companies accelerate their drug development process.

Metabolomics in Drug Development

Solutions for
Drug Development

Drug target discovery and validation

Identification of associated metabolic pathways, and identification of biomarkers for drug development based on modification and screening of compounds with specificity and sensitivity to this target.


Lead compound discovery and selection

Among many potential compounds, identification of lead compounds, insight into target/molecular interactions and actual mechanisms to validate effectiveness.


Drug mechanism of action analysis

To explore the role of drugs in regulating the normalization of defective parts of the metabolic network and their functions, and to reveal the causes of drug-induced changes in endogenous metabolites.


Drug efficacy screening

Complete observation of the trajectory of metabolic profile changes in an animal model to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug.


Drug toxicity assessment

Measure metabolite concentrations in plasma or tissue to assess systemic exposure of the subject and/or its metabolites.


Drug metabolism analysis

Analysis of drug metabolites, identification of the chemical structure of metabolites, elucidation of the pharmacological mechanism of drugs, and clarification of the material basis of drug activity.


Drug biomarkers identification

Analysis of all metabolite changes in organisms due to external stimuli or internal genetic changes and screening of disease biomarkers.



Predicting drug response phenotypes after drug administration from metabolic phenotypes of biological samples prior to drug administration and analyzing individual differences in metabolism and toxic response to drugs.


Metabolic pathways analysis

Identify metabolite clusters associated with key cellular signaling and metabolic networks and gain insight into the biological potential of differentially expressed metabolites.


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