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Metabolomics in Oceanographic Research

Marine ecosystems are host to a large number of organisms and are among the most biodiverse areas on Earth. The oceans are an important source of food for the world and in recent years have become a prolific source of compounds with therapeutic potential. Research in all aspects of marine biology involves all areas of marine science. The development of metabolomics technologies has led to their widespread use to deepen the understanding of the interactions between marine organisms and their environment at the metabolic level and to discover new metabolites produced by these organisms. Creative Proteomics provides metabolomics solutions based on targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis strategies to analyse marine organism metabolites and help marine ecology related research.

Metabolomics in Oceanographic Research

Research Projects for
Oceanographic Research

Research on secondary metabolism and regulation of symbiotic microorganisms of marine organisms

To analyse the biological functions of active secondary metabolites of marine microorganisms and their formation mechanisms by using marine microorganisms as research objects.

Drug Discovery

Natural compounds with new structures or new mechanisms of action are not only an important basis for chemical synthesis of new drugs, but also a major component of new drug development. The high diversity of marine natural products provides opportunities for drug discovery. Metabolomics can be used to discover new active compounds in the ocean and can analyze the metabolic pathways of a metabolite to help improve compound yields, optimize compound extraction or select biologically active compounds.

Biomarker discovery for basic disease research and therapy

Metabolomics technology is used to analyze the differences in metabolic levels of marine organisms in pathological/physiological states, to screen for differential metabolites, and to analyze relevant metabolic pathways to facilitate research on disease mechanisms and prevention and control of important diseases.

Research on the reproduction, development and growth of marine organisms

Analyze the metabolic regulation of marine organisms during reproduction, development and growth, and promote the analysis of reproductive organs and functions.

Research on marine environment and metabolic interactions

Natural factors (e.g. temperature, salinity, light, feeding conditions) and anthropogenic factors (e.g. feeding additives) or other environmental changes on the feeding, metabolism and other physiological activities of marine organisms, to explore the interrelationship between metabolites and the environment.

Solutions for
Oceanographic Research

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