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Metabolomics in Agriculture

Metabolomics studies biological systems by detecting changes in the types and levels of metabolites in cells, tissues or organisms subjected to external stimuli or disturbances, such as environmental changes or genetic modifications.

Through metabolomics technology, the relationship between agricultural plants and environmental changes can be analysed, which can help agricultural research related to agricultural production and crop cultivation. Agricultural animals provide humans with agricultural by-products such as meat, eggs and milk, and are an important source of daily nutrient acquisition for humans. Metabolomics technologies are also widely used in many fields such as characterization of differential traits and metabolic molecular identification of economically important traits in agricultural animals, diagnosis of diseases in agricultural animals, flavor of livestock and poultry meat and safety testing of animal products.

Creative Proteomics is a good partner in the field of agricultural research. We offer a range of agricultural metabolomics solutions to help companies and researchers accelerate scientific discovery.

Metabolomics in Agriculture

Metabolomics Solutions Projects for Agriculture

Trait Biomarker Analysis Service

Agricultural plant and agricultural animal biomarker characterization. Agricultural traits, such as yield and quality analysis. Heterogeneity marker analysis. Characterization of animal differential traits. Disease marker analysis.


Abiotic Stress Metabolomics Analysis Services

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant metabolites under abiotic stresses such as high and low temperature stress, drought stress, flood stress, salt stress, metal stress, nutrient stress, air pollution and photo-oxidative stress, and monitoring their patterns over time.


Biotic Stress Metabolomics Analysis Services

To reveal the metabolic information of different growth and developmental processes of pathogenic bacteria and to explore the metabolites and metabolic pathways related to the process of pathogenic bacteria infestation of plants, etc. To search for important biomarkers produced by plants after pathogen infestation to study the infestation mechanism.


Genetically Modified Crops Metabolome Analysis Service

Safety assessment of transgenic crops. To identify metabolic differentials by comparing and identifying metabolites in non-GM and GM crops. Analyze the essential changes brought about by transgenes from a systems biology perspective to reveal various unintended mutational effects of transgenic plants.


Biofuel Metabolomics Analysis Services

Analyze cellular metabolic networks and identify metabolite signatures to optimize fermentation processes and biofuel production.


Pesticide Metabolomics Analysis Services

Pesticide pharmacology and toxicology metabolite analysis. Identification and quantitative analysis of metabolites in the development of new pesticides. Pesticide safety evaluation.


Plant Active Ingredient Analysis Services

Analysis of active ingredients of botanical origin to discover important precursors for drug development. Analysis of plant anti-inflammatory active substances and antioxidant components, etc., to accelerate cosmetic and skin care product development.


Plant Nutrient Metabolomics Analysis Services

Plant nutrient element classification and content analysis. Fertilizer nutrition research to improve fertilizer utilization and develop biofertilizers. Inter-root microecological research. Analysis of agricultural product yield, quality and environmental safety.


Animal Genetics Breeding Metabolomics Services

To study the genetic mechanism of important economic traits of animals and to realize the correlation analysis of phenotypes and genetic variation.


Animal Nutrition Research Metabolomics Services

Analysis of nutrient metabolic pathways, dynamic metabolic processes and metabolic networks. Determination of biomarkers and specific metabolic profiles of harmful factors in feeds.


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