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Integrative Metabolome and LncRNA Analysis

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RNA transcripts that are longer than 200 nt and have no coding potential or lack an ORF encoding >100 amino acids are classified as LncRNAs. Many LncRNAs have been identified in various eukaryotes, including plants. LncRNAs are essential regulators of a variety of biological processes and act through multiple mechanisms.

The metabolome is the basis and direct embodiment of the phenotype of an organism. Metabolites are the final results of gene transcription in organisms under internal and external regulation, and are the material basis of organismal phenotypes. In the era of systems biology research, biological developmental processes are complex and variable, and gene regulatory networks are complicated. The study of systems biology by one type of histology alone may be rather one-sided.

Creative Proteomics provides services combining LncRNA and metabolomic analysis. A large number of differential LncRNAs are obtained by LncRNA sequencing, and these differential LncRNAs can be correlated with differential metabolites obtained from metabolomic analysis to further delve into regulatory and expressed genes and analyze intrinsic changes in the organism. The key pathways of metabolite change can be targeted to construct core regulatory networks to comprehensively explore the growth and development of organisms and stress mechanisms, so as to explain biological issues as a whole.

Technology Roadmap for
Integrative Metabolome and LncRNA

Technology Roadmap for Integrative Metabolome and LncRNA

Sample Submission

Sample TypeLncRNA sample sizeMetabolomics sample size
Plant tissue samples≥1.5g (increase sample size for samples with high sugar content)≥3g, minimum 1g
Animal tissue samples≥1g (more than 2g for fat and other tissues with low RNA yield)≥200 mg
Plant/animal cell samples≥1×1071×107
  • Total amount: >6ug (single 2ug)
  • Concentration: >100ng/ul
  • Volume: >60ul (at the lowest concentration)

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Integrative Metabolome and LncRNA

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