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Pyruvate locates an intersection of key pathways of energy metabolism. It is the end product of glycolysis and the starting point for gluconeogenesis, and can be generated by transamination of alanine. It can be converted by the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex to acetyl CoA, which can enter the TCA cycle or serve as the starting point for the syntheses of long chain fatty acids, steroids, and ketone bodies depending on the tissue and metabolic state in which it is formed. It also has a critical role in balancing the energy needs of various tissues in the body. Abnormalities in pyruvate metabolism are associated with various diseases, such as pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency and pyruvate carboxylase deficiency. Pyruvate metabolism analysis with the help of highly sensitive analytical tools is a powerful way to diagnose and gain new insights into disease mechanisms and treatments.

Pyruvate is widely used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, chemical raw material development and other fields.

The main effect of pyruvate, especially calcium pyruvate, is to accelerate fat burning, and a number of weight loss products with pyruvate as the main effective ingredient have been produced. In the pharmaceutical industry pyruvate is involved in the synthesis of a variety of drugs, such as the treatment of hypertension new drug angiotensin I anti-drug, a series of protease inhibitors, sedatives, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug cinchofen, anti-tuberculosis drug calcium isonicotifen pyruvate, deworming drug enbopirovamide, drug phosphoenol pyruvate, and antiviral agent azaquinoxaline. In the production of pesticides, ethyl pyruvate is an irreplaceable raw material and intermediate in the synthesis of pesticides, and is widely used in the synthesis of fungicides and herbicides. In the development of chemical raw materials, pyruvic acid is the main raw material for the production of tryptophan, phenylalanine, proteose and vitamin B. In addition, pyruvate is used as a raw material for feed and foodstuffs. In addition, pyruvate is used as a feed and food additive with good preservative and freshness preservation function.

With integrated array of separation, characterization, identification and quantification experience, Creative Proteomics offers reliable, rapid and cost-effective pyruvate analysis service for your any scientific purposes.

The Main Applications of Pyruvate Metabolism Service

Biomarker discovery

Disease diagnostics

Drug discovery

Metabolic disease research

Advantages of Our Pyruvate Analysis Service

Advanced core facilities

Professional experiment design and data analysis

Competitive price

Short turnaround time

High accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity.

Service Workflow

The pyruvate metabolism service provided by Creative Proteomics is based on our cutting-edge high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) platforms. The experimental workflow contains 4 steps: sample collection, metabolites extraction, HPLC data analysis and bioinformatics analysis (Figure 1). Our service will be tailored to specific samples and needs for optimal results.

Pyruvate metabolism.pngFigure 1. The overall workflow of pyruvate analysis service.

List of Detectable Pyruvate Metabolism at Creative Proteomics

Sodium pyruvateCalcium pyruvateOxaloacetate

Sample Requirements

We can analyze biological materials, pharmaceuticals, and other pyruvate-containing products. Sample requirements for biological materials are listed below. Provision of the remaining samples or the total amount of specific test requirements is subject to the specific test protocol.

  • Blood/plasma: 500ul/sample
  • Urine: 1ml/sample
  • Tissue: 200mg/sample
  • Cells: 1x107/sample
  • Feces: 500mg/sample
  • Shipment condition: dry ice

Report Delivery

  • Complete lab report (including information on methods, instrument parameters, reagents, and consumables)
  • Raw data
  • Mass spectrum
  • Compound quantification results
  • Bioinformatics analysis report

In Creative Proteomics, we have advanced HPLC-MS/MS platforms for the determination of pyruvate, powerful bioinformatic analysis software and a panel of experienced technicians and scientists. We can provide customer-tailored pyruvate analysis service with rapid experimental procedures and easy to read report, to advance your scientific research.


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