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3-acetylindole Analysis Service

3-acetylindole Analysis Service

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Creative Proteomics' targeted metabolomics services target specific metabolites and pathways of interest, which can accurately monitor dynamic metabolic processes, reveal related metabolic mechanisms and verify potential metabolic biomarkers, to guide your research with reliable and accurate measurement results.

About 3-acetylindole

3-acetylindole is an important fine organic chemical intermediate, which is widely used in the fields of medicine and chemical industry.

3-acetylindole is mainly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

Molecular formula of 3-acetylindole is C10H9NO, and CAS accession number is 703-80-0.

MS-based technical means can realize the qualitative and quantitative analysis of 3-acetylindole.

Molecular structure of 3-acetylindoleMolecular structure of 3-acetylindole

Application Field

  • Validation and absolute quantification of biomarkers
  • Research on target metabolic pathways
  • Supplementary verification between omics

Analysis content

  • Standard curve preparation of standard products
  • Raw data preprocessing of sample target metabolites
  • Absolute quantification of target substance

Technical Route of Targeted Metabolomics of 3-acetylindole

Technical Route of Targeted Metabolomics of 3-acetylindole

Sample Requirements

  • Plant samples need to provide more than 1g fresh weight/sample, and freeze-drying is required.
  • Animal tissues need to provide more than 200mg of fresh weight/sample, which will be divided into 2-4mm pieces immediately after sampling, and then frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • Plant tissues need to be mixed from more than 3 plant tissues into one sample. If animal tissues need to be mixed, the two parties should communicate in advance.
  • Algae provides 30-40mg freeze-dried powder/sample, or more than 300mg fresh sample/sample.
  • Blood samples need to be drawn into anticoagulation centrifuge tubes, and then immediately centrifuged at low temperature to collect plasma and blood cells, and finally frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • Samples should be stored at -80°C, transported on dry ice, and cannot be repeatedly frozen and thawed.

Recommended Number of Sample Repetitions

  • Animal samples (various tissues, plasma) ≥ 6 replicates/group
  • Plant samples and microbial samples (leaf, root tissue) ≥ 3 replicates/group
  • Cell sample ≥ 3 replicates/group
  • Clinical samples (serum, urine, various tissues, etc.) ≥ 10 cases/group

Feedback to Customers

Creative Proteomics will provide you with detailed technical reports, including

  • Experimental steps
  • Related mass spectrometry parameters
  • Part of the mass spectrum picture
  • Raw data
  • Quantitative results of targeted metabolites

Project Cycle

  • A standard experiment and analysis process takes about 1 to 4 weeks.

Creative Proteomics has leading technology, first-class R&D and production equipment, and has established a complete metabolome service system for plants. Our professional team has many years of experience in metabolomics, bioinformatics, and statistics, and can help you plan, conduct and report metabolomics research, so that your upstream and downstream experiments can be seamlessly connected. We can provide a wide range of target metabolomics services, including target metabolic pathways, target metabolite analysis, etc. You can also perform personalized customization services at the same time during the data analysis stage. If you have any questions or specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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