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The parent of coumarin is a bicyclic compound formed by the combination of benzene ring and oxyheterocyclic ring, on which a class of substances is derived, collectively referred to as coumarin. Dicoumarol is one of the most important substances. Dicoumarol widely distributes in plants and is one of the main bean flavor, which is often used in daily flavor. Dicoumarol has the function of dilating coronary arteries, inhibiting tumor and defending against ultraviolet burn. In addition to the physiological activity for the treatment of some diseases, dicoumarol also has some physiological toxicity to organisms. The toxicity of dicoumarol is due to the chemical structure of its parent. Oxygen atoms in the mother have strong activity due to the coupling of double bonds, which is easy to trigger the generation of oxygen free radicals in the body, damage the body, and produce toxicity. Because dicoumarol exists widely and has certain toxicity, it is very important to establish the method for the analysis of dicoumarol in drugs, food, daily chemicals and plant metabolites. Creative Proteomics provides the simple, rapid, accurate, affordable and highly automated analytical method and equipment to analyse dicoumarol. Liquid chromatogram-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) can solve some of the problems associated with dicoumarol analysis. Improved extraction and purification steps can also increase the sensitivity of the analytical method.

Applications of Dicoumarol Analysis

  • Qualitative analysis of the main types of dicoumarol
  • Quantitative analysis of dicoumarol content
  • Ensure safety and quality
  • Provide basis for improvement

Advantages of Our Dicoumarol Analysis Service

Professional and reliable. Every step in the dicoumarol analysis and testing, including scheme formulation, sample analysis and report issuance, is precisely carved to make customers assured.

Accurate and comprehensive. Various schemes are adopted to ensure the accuracy of dicoumarol analysis data.

Integrate resources. Integrate the resources of the whole industry, and provide the best solution of dicoumarol analysis for customers in terms of cycle, cost and strength.

Service Workflow

Our newly developed sample preprocessing method provides safety, environmental protection, rapidness, effectiveness, and recovery rates consistently exceeding 85%. Sample preprocessing at Creative Proteomics complies with the in-house standard operation procedures (SOP), ensuring maximized homogeneity between samples.

Dicoumarol analysis service workflow  Figure 1. Dicoumarol analysis service workflow.

Detector: UV-Vis detector

Mobile phase: Acetonitrile-ammonium acetate aqueous solution

Elution time: dozens of minutes, slightly different according to different ingredients9

Analysis content:

  • Standard curve creation
  • Raw data preprocessing
  • Absolute quantitation of dicoumarol
  • Differential metabolites screening
  • Optimal analyses

List of Detectable Saponins at Creative Proteomics

Sample Requirements

1. Fresh tonka beans tissues: >1 g. If possible, samples should be frozen in liquid nitrogen right after collection, and then transferred to -80°C for storage.

2. Product samples.

At least 3 biological replicates.


  • Experimental procedure
  • Parameters of LC-MS/MS
  • Purity analysis report
  • LC-MS/MS raw data files and LC-MS/MS data quality checks
  • Metabolites quantification data
  • Custom analysis report

LC-MS/MS based profiling of dicoumarol enables quantitative analyses in a faster, more convenient, and more sensitive manner. With decades of experience in LC-MS/MS services, Creative Proteomics has a proven track record supporting diverse dicoumarol detection and quantitation. We can meet your specific project requirements, from sample to bioinformatics.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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