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Monoglyceride (MG) is an organic compound with the molecular formula C21H42O4. According to the name of the main composition of fatty acids, monoglycerides can be divided into monoglycerides stearate, monoglycerides laurate, monoglycerides oleate and so on.

Monoglyceride is a kind of nonionic surfactant with excellent properties such as emulsification, lubrication, softness and wetting, and non-toxic. It is widely used as an emulsifier in food processing and cosmetics.

In the food field, monoglycerides are considered the safest food additives. The compound of glycerol monolaurate and sorbic acid can be used as a preservative in meat products, dairy products and beer, as well as a fruit preservative.

In the chemical industry, monoglycerides can be used as emulsifiers for cosmetics and medicinal ointments such as skin creams, cold creams, emulsions, hair creams, fiber finishing agents, and antistatic agents for polyethylene, polypropylene, and foamed polystyrene. Glycerol monooleate can also be used as an anti-rust lubricant for precision parts. High-purity monoglycerides can be used as internal lubricants in PVC plastic processing.

Monoglyceride Analysis Service

According to different analysis needs, Creative Proteomics provides customize exclusive monoglyceride services solutions for you according to your samples.

Service Workflow

The workflow of monoglyceride analysisThe workflow of monoglyceride analysis

Mode: SRM / MRM
Analysis content:

  • Standard curve creation
  • Raw data preprocessing
  • Absolute quantification of monoglyceride

Sample Requirements

  • Serum / plasma ≥ 100 ul/sample
  • Animal tissue: ≥ 50 mg/sample
  • Saliva: ≥ 100 mg/sample
  • Cell: ≥ 1×107
  • Plant samples: ≥ 200 mg
  • Fats, oils, butter, flours, nuts, animal foods, mixes: ≥ 100g

Quick-freeze in liquid nitrogen and store at -80°C, and send it on dry ice.
Please contact us for other sample types and dosages.


  • Experimental procedure
  • Parameters of liquid chromatography / gas chromatography and MS
  • MS raw data files and MS data quality checks
  • Monoglyceride quantification data
  • Custom analysis report

Turnaround Time: 1-3 weeks

Creative Proteomics offers several approaches to provide monoglyceride analysis service and deliver precise and detailed data and analysis report. If you want to detect other metabolites but have not found them, you can tell us through the inquiry form, and our technicians will communicate with you.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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