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Delphinidin Analysis Service

Delphinidin Analysis Service

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About Delphinidin

Delphinidin is an anthocyanin, a major pigment of the plant. Delphinidin gives the flowers of Corydalis spp. and Delphinium spp. a blue color. It is sensitive to pH and is a natural pH indicator that changes from red in alkaline solutions to blue in acidic solutions.

Delphinidin is also an antioxidant. It has been found that delphinidin has a photochemical preventive effect by inhibiting UVB-mediated oxidative stress and reducing DNA damage, thus protecting cells from UVB-induced apoptosis. Flavonoids have anti-tumor effects, such as the typical flavonoids leucovorin and quercetin, both of which can effectively inhibit tumor cell proliferation and induce autophagy production. Delphinidin, one of the major monomeric active components of the typical flavonoid anthocyanins, inhibits the proliferation of ovarian clear cell carcinoma and malignant glioma. The identification and detection of changes in the content of delphinidin is essential in the study of the functional mechanism of delphinidin, disease treatment and drug development. Creative Proteomics provides delphinidin identification and content analysis services based on HPLC-MS analysis technology to accelerate your related research.

The molecular structure of delphinidinThe molecular structure of delphinidin

The Substances We Can Test

DelphinidinDelphinidin 3-galactosideDelphinidin-3-glucosideCyanodelphin

The Workflow of Targeted Metabolomic of Delphinidin

  • Instrument platform: AB Sciex QTRAP® 6500 LC-MS/MS
  • Targeted metabolite analysis process:

The molecular structure of delphinidin

Sample Requirements

  • Tissue ≥ 200 mg/sample
  • Plasma ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Blood ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Drugs ≥ 0.2 g/sample

We can also accept other samples. Please contact us for the exact sample size required for the test.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the samples and reduce systematic errors during sampling, it is necessary to select more than 3 materials with the same condition for each sample. The same condition refers to the same period, basically the same phenotype, and the same part.

Service Process

The molecular structure of delphinidin

Project Cycle

About 1-3 weeks

Creative Proteomics can provide a wide range of target metabolomics services, including target metabolic pathways, target metabolite analysis, and more. If you have any questions or other compounds you would like to test, please feel free to contact us.


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