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Coenzyme A (CoA) Analysis Service

Coenzyme A (CoA) Analysis Service

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CoA is widely found in animals, plants, microorganisms and cultured cells, and is a pivotal substance in the metabolism of energy substances in the body. CoA is a necessary factor for enzymes to catalyze redox reactions, group transfer and isomerization reactions. CoA is a pantothenic acid-containing coenzyme that acts as a carrier of acyl groups in certain enzymatic reactions, allowing its related compounds to play important roles in normal physiological activities. For example, acetyl coenzyme A is an important intermediate metabolite for energy metabolism and a precursor for the synthesis of physiologically active metabolites such as fatty acids, ketone bodies and cholesterol. In addition, protein post-translational modifications also require the involvement of coenzyme A-related compounds such as acetyl coenzyme A, succinyl coenzyme A and malonyl coenzyme A.

Creative Proteomics has established a mature and reliable method for the absolute quantification of coenzymes, allowing for the one-time determination of multiple coenzymes in a sample. It is suitable for a wide range of biological samples and can accurately quantify a wide range of coenzymes with different structures in a single test, with detection limits down to the ng level, making it more suitable for high technology research.

CoA Analysis Service

Advantages of Our Coenzyme A Analysis Service

  • Isotope internal standard correction. Absolute quantification by external standard method. Absolute concentration data available.
  • Provide PCA, PLS-DA, OPLS-DA, unidimensional test, Random Forest and SVM screening, ROC analysis results
  • Adopt strict quality control system to ensure data reliability
  • Professional and complete after-sales service

Service Workflow

Creative Proteomics is based on our cutting-edge HPLC-MS platforms to provide the analysis of metabolites during CoA analysis service in a reliable and efficient manner. The experimental process consists of four main steps: sample collection, metabolite extraction, data analysis and bioinformatics analysis. We will tailor our services to specific samples and needs in order to obtain optimal results.

The overall workflow of CoA metabolites analysisThe overall workflow of CoA metabolites analysis

List of Detectable Coenzyme A Metabolites at Creative Proteomics


Sample Requirements

  • Blood ≥ 100 µL
  • Tissue ≥ 50 mg
  • Fresh feces ≥ 50 mg
  • Freeze-dried stool ≥ 5 mg
  • Cells ≥ 1*107

Minimum of 6 biological replicates per group for cell/microbial samples.

At least 10 biological replicates per group for model animal/plant samples.

Clinical samples generally at least 50 biological replicates per group (strict control of patient entry conditions).

Report Delivery

  • Experimental procedures
  • The parameters of liquid chromatograph and mass spectrometer
  • Purity analysis report
  • MS raw data files and MS data quality inspection
  • Absolute quantitative analysis data

Based on advanced mass spectrometry platform, professional bioinformatics software and experienced technicians and scientists, Creative Proteomics provides customers with coenzyme A detection and analysis services to accelerate your scientific research. If you want to analyze other compounds, please contact us.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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