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Folate Biosynthesis Service

Folate Biosynthesis Service

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Folates, also known as B9 vitamins, are essential elements in the metabolism of all living organisms. Like many other vitamins, mammals are unable to synthesize it and acquire it from diet. In contrast, plants and prokaryotes have in vivo biosynthesis of folates and do not require to uptake it from the food. Basically, the in vivo biosynthesis of folates begins with the synthesis of the pterin ring, which is catalysed by GTP cyclohydrolase I and this reaction is followed by other five reactions catalysed by five distinct enzymes that convert GTP into 7,8-dihydrofolate, which is reduced by dihydrofolate reductase to produce 5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofolate. p-aminobenzoic acid, which is attached to the pterin moiety by dihydropteroate synthase, is produced by two enzymatic steps from chorismate and makes a connection between the folate and the shikimate pathways. But all of the biological functions of folates in vivo are performed by tetrahydrofolate and its methylated derivatives. Hence folate must first be reduced to tetrahydrofolate via four electron reduction. Folate is important during periods of frequent cell division and growth and its deficiency links to various human diseases including cancer and diabetes. Scientists at Creative Proteomics take advantage of highly quantitative methods with LC-MS for the determination of folate biosynthesis related metabolites levels in various samples. Furthermore, we provide reliable, rapid and cost-effective folate biosynthesis related service to speed up your research aims ranging from diseases diagnosis to gaining new insights in disease mechanism or treatment.

The Main Applications of Folate Biosynthesis Service

  • Identifying novel biomarkers of diseases
  • Improving diagnose diseases
  • Accelerating development of novel drugs
  • Gaining new mechanism of diseases

Advantages of Our Folate Biosynthesis Service

  • Constantly optimized protocol and analytical software
  • Professional experiment design
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity.

Service Workflow

Creative Proteomics provides folate biosynthesis analysis service in a reliable and effective manner, based on our cutting-edge HPLC-MS platforms. The experimental procedures contain four main procedures: sample collection, metabolites extraction, HPLC-MS data analysis and bioinformatics analysis (Figure 1). Our service will be tailored to specific samples and needs for optimal results.

The overall workflow of folate biosynthesisFigure 1. The overall workflow of folate biosynthesis

Sample Requirements

We can analyze a wide range of biological materials including but not limited to cells and solid tissues from animals. If you need transport your samples to us, please follow the following requirements for different types of sample:

  • Blood/plasma: 500ul/sample
  • Urine: 1ml/sample
  • Tissue: 200mg/sample
  • Cells: 1x107/sample
  • Feces: 500mg/sample

Shipment condition: dry ice

Report Delivery

  • Experimental protocols
  • Instrumental factors of LC-MS
  • The raw data files of LC-MS and the summary of LC-MS data quality
  • Bioinformatics analysis report

Based on advanced LC-MS platforms for the determination of folate biosynthesis related metabolites, professional bioinformatic analysis software and experienced technicians and scientists, Creative Proteomics provides customer-tailored folate biosynthesis analysis service with rapid experimental procedures and easy to read report, to accelerate your scientific research.


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