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What is Benzoic Acid?

Benzoic acid is an aromatic organic compound and is the simplest of the aromatic acids. Benzoic acid is widely found in nature in the form of free acids, esters or its derivatives. It is mainly used in the preparation of sodium benzoate preservatives, as well as in the synthesis of drugs and dyes, and is also used in the preparation of plasticizers, mordants, fungicides and perfumes.

Benzoic acid is a precursor of many important compounds. Plants produce benzoic acid by modifying the chemical structure of cinnamic acid in the same way that many organisms destroy fatty acids.

Creative Proteomics provides an LC-MS platform for qualitative and quantitative analysis of benzoic acid, facilitating the study of benzoic acid synthesis mechanisms, efficacy, and other applications in the field.

Molecular structure of benzoic acidMolecular structure of benzoic acid

How Can Creative Proteomics Support Your Benzoic Acid Analysis?

Scientific Research: Creative Proteomics provides customized analytical services to support scientific research, helping researchers understand the chemistry and behavior of benzoic acid and identify new metabolites and pathways involved in benzoic acid metabolism.

Basic Medicine: Benzoic acid concentrations may be affected by some diseases. For example, some metabolic diseases may lead to the accumulation of benzoic acid in the body, leading to neurological and metabolic problems. We can analyze benzoic acid levels during the basic disease research and therapy development phase.

Biopharmaceuticals: Benzoic acid is also used in the production of a number of biopharmaceutical products such as topical creams and ointments. We can provide analytical services to ensure the quality and purity of benzoic acid used in the manufacture of these products.

Food: Benzoic acid is a common food preservative and is also naturally present in some foods. However, excessive consumption of benzoic acid can cause health problems, including asthma and allergies. We can help researchers understand the effects of benzoic acid on the human body and identify potential health risks by providing benzoic acid analysis services. In addition, it can control product quality and ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

Technical Route of Benzoic Acid Analysis

Technical Route of Targeted Metabolomics of Benzoic Acid

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Project Cycle

  • A standard experiment and analysis process takes about 1~4 weeks.


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