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L-Alanine is an important natural amino acid and is the most abundant amino acid in the blood. l-Alanine is closely related to glucose metabolism and is the main amino worker in the transamination reaction, which has important physiological functions. It is a nutritional supplement and is a major component of many compounded amino acid infusions. It can be supplied as a pharmaceutical intermediate and is the main raw material of vitamin B6. It can also be used as a food additive to improve the nutritional value of foods and to improve the taste of synthetic sweeteners.

Mass spectrometry is used in many different fields, for pure samples and complex mixtures. In combination with HPLC or GC, mass spectrometry can effectively separate and quantify l -alanine. creative Proteomics can provide L-Alanine content analysis services for those in all areas of biomedicine.

Synthesis of L-alanineFigure 1. Synthesis of L-alanine

Applications of L-Alanine Analysis

  • Regulate the growth condition of plants
  • Deepen the understanding of amino acid metabolism
  • Reveal mechanisms of plant amino acids transformation
  • Improve plant immunity

Advantages of Our L-Alanine Analysis Service

Less time consumed in the experiment process

Absolute quantitative analysis of L-alanine

Differentiation of alanine isomers

LC-MS platforms make the detection more efficient

Provide complete data analysis systematically

Low cost and high repeatability

Service Workflow

Creative Proteomics provides extraction, identification, and analysis of L-alanine in samples. By LC-MS separation and detection, L-alanine can reach its peak at a specific time (retention time) due to its unique nature, and its content level can be obtained by comparing spectral analysis.

L-alanine analysis service workflow.Figure 2. L-alanine analysis service workflow.

Quantification methods: external reference method or isotope-labeled internal standard method

Mode: MRM, capable of simultaneously detecting more than 1000 MRM ion pairs

Precision: ≤10-9 g

Positive/Negative polarity switching time: 20 ms, allowing for the acquisition of Q1/Q3 MRM transition mass spectra in both ionization modes from a single LC-MS/MS run.

Analysis content:

  • Standard curve creation
  • Raw data preprocessing
  • Absolute quantification of L-alanine
  • Differential metabolites screening
  • Optimal analyses such as KEGG pathway analysis and hierarchical clustering

Sample Requirements

  • Tissue: 200 mg/sample
  • Plasma ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Blood ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Drugs ≥ 0.2 g/sample
  • Food products
  • Others

We can also accept other samples. Please contact us for the exact sample size required for the test.


  • Experimental procedure
  • Parameters of liquid chromatography and MS
  • HPLC-MS/MS raw data files and HPLC-MS/MS data quality checks
  • Metabolites quantification data
  • Custom analysis report

Through extraction, separation, purification, and comparison, we can accurately analyze the content of amino acids. Our one-stop services are personalized to meet the needs of every sample requirement.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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