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Threonine (L-threonine) cannot be synthesized by animals itself, and it is an essential amino acid, one of the essential amino acids for the human body, and can be used to improve nutrition and improve physical fitness. Threonine is necessary to maintain nitrogen balance in the body and promote normal growth and development. Threonine is an important nutrient fortifier that can fortify cereals, cakes, and dairy products. Like tryptophan, it has the same effect of restoring body fatigue and promoting growth and development. In medicine, threonine has a water-holding effect on human skin, combines with oligosaccharide chains, plays an important role in protecting cell membranes, and promotes phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in the body.

Creative Proteomics can provide a method for the detection of amino acids by ion chromatography, which can quickly and quantitatively detect threonine and related threonine metabolites, ensuring that customers can provide highly sensitive and complete threonine detection reports. The method for detecting threonine is simple and does not require troublesome pretreatment or post-column processing. It realizes the rapid determination of threonine, facilitating the analysis of the functional mechanism of threonine in biological samples and the quantitative determination and analysis of threonine in amino acid-added related products.

Serine/threonine ligation for the chemical synthesis of proteins.  Figure 1. Serine/threonine ligation for the chemical synthesis of proteins. (Lee 2014).

Applications of Threonine Analysis

  • Ensure the quality of biopharmaceuticals
  • Ensure the quality and safety of food nutrition fortifiers
  • Analysis of threonine amino acids in mineral samples
  • Reveal the molecular mechanism of threonine amino acid metabolism
  • Feed additives improvement
  • Quality control of threonine samples
  • Biochemical drug research

Advantages of Our Threonine Analysis Service

Advanced mass spectrometry equipment enables differentiation of different structural amino acids and accurate quantification

Use ion chromatography with high chromatographic separation efficiency

One-stop service features

Fast turnaround time and low price

Scientific and accurate data collection and statistical analysis methods

Good reproducibility and high sensitivity of experimental results

Service Workflow

In our operating technical process, it is simple to operate and does not require troublesome pretreatment or post-column processing. It realizes the rapid determination of threonine and the simultaneous determination of threonine and other inorganic ions. The separation column has good stability, high capacity, and no need to use cumbersome colorimetric determination. The experimental results can be analyzed with one sample injection, and the analysis report is scientific, accurate and complete.

Threonine analysis service workflow Figure 2. Threonine analysis service workflow.

Quantitation method: standard curve method

Flow rate: 1.0ml/min

Quantitative loop: 25ul

Detection limit: 0.02-0.03mg/l

Detection method: conductivity: conductivity detection

Injection method: manual injection

The error of protein content is controlled within ±5%

Analysis content:

  • Creation of calibration curve
  • Determination of recovery rate
  • Raw data analysis of chromatogram and mass spectra
  • Threonine quantitative analysis

Sample Requirements

  • Plasma ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Blood ≥ 200 μL/sample
  • Animal tissues ≥ 0.2 g/sample
  • Plant tissues (from leaf, flower, stem, root, or fruit) ≥ 1 g/sample.
  • Food products
  • Others

We also accept other samples. Our technicians will communicate with you about the specific sample requirements.


  • Experimental protocol
  • Instrument parameters
  • Chromatographic condition optimization plan
  • Sample purity analysis report
  • Mass spectrometry raw data analysis and recovery test analysis
  • Threonine quantitative analysis
  • Customized analysis report

The quantitative analysis report of threonine based on the chromatographic analysis can obtain a highly sensitive and scientifically accurate analysis report, which can be applied in many fields including food quality and safety and biopharmaceutical research. Creative Proteomics can provide a one-stop service for threonine testing, and has a first-class experimental testing platform and an experienced scientific research team, which can provide you with customized experimental programs to meet your diverse experimental needs.


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  2. Mao X, Zeng X , et al. Specific roles of threonine in intestinal mucosal integrity and barrier function. Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition). 2011 Jun 1;3:1192-200.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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